Rules For 4GPMEdit

These are my rules, and if you break any one of them, you will be banned for an indefinite period.


Rules Edit

  1. Use complete sentences. Any abbreviations made besides lol will get you banned for a week. Mods have an exception to this rule, because if one of my mods uses an abbreviation, it means they are incredibly busy. Any leet or abbreviations (aside from RBY, GSC, etc.) used in a page edit will cause your edit to be deleted and your username and IP address to be banned for a month.
  2. Never type in all caps. It's annoying to look at.
  3. Speak intelligently. Any posts not making sense will be deleted, and the user will be banned for a period based on my judgment of the stupidity.
  4. Do Not contradict any admins or bureaucrats. I assigned them the jobs they have for a reason.
  5. Pay attention. Make sure you have all of the information for a topic you wish to create, edit, or post on before you do so. For example, looking at a moveset someone has posted, and mistaking the Hidden Power type listed. Make sure to double-check everything before you post or edit, as you may have misconstrued what you saw.
  6. No racial slurs. One of my admins is African-American, and if you make any racial comment about African-Americans, I will personally ban your IP address for 37140567067145017518245714650176 years.
  7. No trolling. This includes: posting nonsense, annoying people, advertising, linking to any other site besides or , and just generally getting on everyone's nerves.
  8. No mini-modding. Admins have their status for a reason. Don't try to tell them what to do, and don't ask them to do something. If you have a complaint about another user, contact one of the admins via UserPage:Talk, and give a formal, intelligent complaint. The easiest way to remember this rule is to try to get along with everyone, and to remember that you aren't an admin.

These rules are enforced for a reason. My goal is to make sure that everyone has a fun time here, and is able to get information and discuss things without the interference of foolishness. The admins on this site all know the rules, and they all enforce them. That's why they're here. Thanks for reading this, and have a great time at 4GPM.